What’s Better Than AR? A FoldAR!!

Boy, do we have a good one for you from our friends at FoldAR … when everything is said and done and the S really HTF this is gonna be the only AR you’re going to need. FoldAR brings us an extraordinary rifle designed to accomplish multiple configurations of calibers and barrel lengths without compromising any areas of performance, reliability, safety or accuracy.  So when the SHTF this exceedingly extraordinary rifle has all the advantages of the One Rifle. But it also includes the ability to conceal inside an EDC backpack while remaining fully assembled, and be deployed within seconds.  So you’re always ready to whip it out of your backpack and fire in seconds!

The FoldAR is your one and only survival gun!

The MOBETTA Rifle, in particular, encompasses all the requisite features of the coveted One Rifle.  But it’s also super easy to assemble, maintain and operate while introducing no compromises, the MoBetta trademark represents an objectively “More Better” overall firearm platform, this may become your go to concealed carry gun. In our past giveaway we tried out the 2023 CCR MoBetta AR15 with .223 Wylde 16” barrel, that boasts a quick change barrel system, allowing the operator to swap calibers and barrels lengths faster and more reliably than any other weapon system on the market.  And has a modular handguard, allowing armorers three different lengths to choose from, reduced weight, and room to experiment with aftermarket gasblocks.  AMAZING!!

FoldAR is a Veteran owned and operated firearms manufacturer located in Texas, and is the Sole Source for Concealed Carry Rifles. It may be best to think of FoldAR as “SkunkWorks” of the firearms industry, where we proactively develop transformative firearm technology behind the scenes. It’s obvious why FoldAR is Unhinging the Competition.

The product line-up is often described as filling a “niche” within the firearms market; but it’s much more than that. In reality, FoldAR is an evolutionary replacement of the successful 70-year-old platform created by Eugene Stoner. Its patented hinge located near the barrel-breach interface of the upper receiver allows the FoldAR product line to stow and conceal like no other firearm.

Your concealed carry gun will be cooler than their, we promise!

Able to remain fully assembled in its most compact form – and limited in compactness only by the length of its barrel – FoldAR has established its place as the one and only Concealed Carry Rifle. So go ahead and compare your concealed carry gun with the other guys concealed carry gun, we promise yours will be much cooler!

And with their Lifetime Warranty and Accuracy Guarantee, FoldAR has evolved the application of firearms in ways never before possible. Further defining the disruptive nature of the product, we anticipate that within another 20 years, non-folding rifles will generally be perceived as antiquated technology because there are neither any functionality, reliability, accuracy, weight, nor safety compromises with the FoldAR folding barrel interface. In fact, each of these areas are improved over non-folding platforms.  So take that AR … and enter the all mighty FOLDAR!