A Year in Review for Tactical Freesh – WHY FREE SH** ROCKS

In this review we are going to review the most Awesomest, Amazingiest company of ALL – Ourslelves!  So why does Tactical Freesh Rock?  Because we are your gateway, your path and your guide to amazing FREE SHIT!  And not just BULLSHIT free shit but real good FREE SHIT! The kind of shit we are excited to see come to market and enjoy using ourselves. So let’s see some of the Free Shit Tactical Freesh brought you in 2023:

Patented Dynamic Retention Gun Sling from McLean Corp – BUNDLE with 4 rifle slings!

It’s a bird, it’s a plane … nope it’s both a single point sling and a 2 point sling. This is no ordinary gun sling from McLean Corp – it has the dynamic abilities of a single point sling with the retention of a 2 point sling. You definitely don’t have one and you definitely need one! Or better yet FOUR – we got you all available options to color code your mission: Black, Coyote Brown, Ranger Green and MultiCam. The rifle sling bundle also came with a Sylvan Arms QD Mlok Sling adapter from Sylvan Arms.

Designed and patented by an active duty member of the SOF community this baby really rocks. Whether you’re a hunter, operator, law enforcement agent, sportsman or just a badass looking for a sling for an AR15 this is the only sling you’ll ever need. Ideal for moving between vehicles, helicopters, or if you just want to go from a battle ready rifle to a clean sling-free set up for storage or otherwise.

McLean Corp USA brings you the highest quality gear, used and tested by the men who sleep in the mud and go bump in the night. Heroes without capes, blurry faces and redacted names, that is the origin of McLean Corp USA. So tits up ladies and gents! You can walk with pride as you brandish your one of a kind Dynamic Retention Rifle Sling – the best sling for your AR15.

Can Cannon Ultimate Case Bundle Valued at $999!

You basically got it all: the Can Cannon LauncherX-Fore Tubegrappling hookballscupsfishing spearrocket and blanks. It’s like there’s nothing this Can Cannon Can’t Do! Stroll in like a rock star with this  Ultimate Can Cannon Guitar Case brought to you by Can Cannon. When fired at an optimum angle (approximately 45 degrees) a soda can reach an average distance of 105 yards! So get a load of that and (literally) have a blast at your next BBQ!  It’s impossible NOT to impress your buddies with this one.

The Jacob Grey AR-15 300 Blackout, our biggest value ever at $1,799!

Yes – WE MADE THIS BABY YOURS! The sexiest AR (or hell, anything) you’ll ever hold! The Jacob Grey AR15 Ultralight 300 Blackout 16″ rifle leaves us with a loss for words. All we can say is that this ain’t your father’s AR-15 and you really need to hold one to understand. Like your first love in high school it’s incredibly well balanced, sleek, reliable and super tight … gotta love that fancy Aerospace billet aluminum engineering.

The Jacob Grey Ultralight AR15 Rifle was designed with the next generation AR-15 in mind. This AR-15 rifle is built around the 7075-T6 billet lower receiver specifically machined and cut in areas where excess material was unnecessary and areas that see excess use and wear, reinforced and strengthened to give a sleek, refined look, without losing the classic lines of the AR-15 platform. The same consideration was given to the matching billet upper receiver.

It comes standard with the Jacob Grey designed 15” free float 7-sided M-LOK hand-guard that is also lightweight and leaves plenty of room for customization or the addition of numerous accessories available for the AR-15 rifle. Everybody wants her and once you hold her you’ll know she wants you back!

The One and Only Rifle You’ll Ever Need When SHTF FoldAR!

FoldAR is an evolutionary replacement of the successful 70-year-old platform created by Eugene Stoner. Its patented hinge located near the barrel-breach interface of the upper receiver allows the FoldAR product line to stow and conceal like no other firearm. Able to remain fully assembled in its most compact form – and limited in compactness only by the length of its barrel – FoldAR has established its place as the one and only Concealed Carry Rifle.

In his giveaway you got the 2023 FoldAR CCR MoBetta AR15 with .223 Wylde 16” barrel featuring: A Quick Change Barrel System, allowing the operator to swap calibers and barrels lengths faster and more reliably than any other weapon system on the market; Modular handguard, allowing armorers three different lengths to choose from, reduced weight, and room to experiment with aftermarket gasblocks; 300 blackout barrel 9” with a 1:7 twist; Viktos Perimeter Concealed Carry Rifle Backpack and one magazine.

And what are we up to next at Tactical Freesh???  You can now enter a Sweepstakes!!!


You Can Win the ultimate Utah Airgun Bundle valued at over $4,600!

And this is the biggest sweepstakes we have done here at Tactical Freesh! We’ve teamed up with Utah Airguns to give one lucky winner a badass airgun bundle, which features an incredible tricked-out FX Impact M3 Airgun + Power Block. 

This rifle defines what a modern airgun can achieve. Without limits to the type of projectile, caliber, or distance shot; the FX Impact spans the entire spectrum. It is a once in a generation rifle.

So here is to a badass 2023 … 2024, don’t be afraid, you’re going to out-do 2023 by a LONG SHOT, somehow we have that feeling!