Why You Definitely Want an Airgun.

Why an airgun you ask?  It doesn’t go boom, it doesn’t kick and it doesn’t cinch your nostrils with that fiery smell. But once you get it, ohhh you get it and you will never want to be without one!  So let’s tantalize your curious ears with a little comparison between an airgun from our friends at Utah Airguns and a bang-boom kind of gun. Hold onto your hat, ’cause we’re about to dive in…

Now, picture this: you’re wandering through the wild west of weapon choices. On one side, you’ve got your fiery, full-of-attitude firearm, ready to make the world tremble with its explosive passion. But then, sauntering in from the other end, we’ve got the sassy seductress known as the airgun – a real cool cat in the world of weaponry.

Enter the airgun

See, my cheeky amigo, the thing about an airgun is that it’s like the James Bond of the gun world. It’s got that sleek finesse, that quiet confidence that just screams “I know how to handle myself.” While the regular gun might be strutting around town making a racket, the air rifle is the smooth operator that knows how to make an entrance without waking the whole neighborhood.  So, if you’re intrigued by being both stealthy and deadly look no further than an air rifle.

When the heat is on, you better believe that an airgun can keep its cool.

No explosive powders or searing metal here. It’s all about that compressed air and that unmistakably satisfying puff. But don’t let that cooling demeanor fool you. Just because the airgun is playing it smooth doesn’t mean it can’t pack a punch. Oh no, my friend, this ain’t no BB gun!  With calibers reaching beyond .50 and velocities of over 1,000 feet per second we’re talking about projectiles that can take down large game.

And once you have your set up ready to go, long range shooting or hunting with an airgun comes at a fraction of the cost of using regular ammo … with no worries about ammo shortages either!  How convenient is that for a Zombie Apopolypse?!?!  So, are you ready for your full set up?  Because Tactical Freesh is about to hook you up!  And we’re not just blowing air up your ass!  Look out for the next Freesh that will make all your gun slinging friends jealous.

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