Gun Giveaways and Mighty Gundies – the Biggest Gun Industry Award Ceremony of the Year!

Gun Giveaways: Celebrating Excellence and Rewarding Winners

At Tactical Freesh we know how to make you happy with our gun giveaways and gun deals but the guys at Forge Relations – they know how to Par-te!!! The 2024 Gundies were The Shiznit!  Almost as good as the Dundies at our favorite office. Basically awesome people from all over the place (like you) nominate and vote online, and then poof – the coolest people in the idustry gather together in one room (and one very busy open bar) to duke it out and celebrate.

This year’s celebration took place at the Venetian Palace and had about 700 people in attendance – gun advocates, shooters, social media influencers, you name it.  The categories included most influential female of the year; video of the year; most entertaining content creator; best shooter; most influential male of the year; most dapper influencer; best outdoorsman; best gun reviewer; top voice of the 2A; most likely to survive the apocalypse; breakout creator of the year; most innovative brand of the year; firearms instructor of the year; influencer of the year … you get the point!  In case you missed it, cause let’s be honest you probably weren’t cool enough to make the list, you can watch all the action here:

Hell, it feels good to support the 2nd Amendment and look hot while doing it!  One beard was more phenomenal than the next!  Not to mention the ladies.  The 5th Annual Gundies award ceremony was fire!  And while we are here to deliver incredible gun giveaways, Forge Relations is here to show support and appreciation for those who continue to keep our 2nd Amendment rights at the forefront of our minds.

The Gundies took place the night before the biggest industry show of the year – the one and only NSSF SHOT Show.  And so now we have to thank some of the kick ass sponsors and attendees (so they can keep giving us free shit to make our gun giveaways possible) – guys like 2ACommerce, the web and payment processing go-to guys for the firearms industry.  Gun Owner’s of America, our favorite “no compromise” gun lobby. Sylvan Arms; Accu-Tac; Utah Airguns and the always hilarious PatchOps.  Along with our friends at Accufire; Airforce Airguns; Axle Targets; Can Cannon; Armageddon Gear; FoldAR; Infinity Targets; Jacob Grey; McLean Sling, Black-Tie Guns; North Shore Sports Club, Gun Owners of California and oh so many others!

So here’s to Guns, Gun Giveaways, Open Bar and our one true love – ‘Merica!!!