Who Doesn’t Need a Flamethrower?!?!

Why do I need a flamethrower, you might ask yourself?  Well, if you really asked yourself that then this website is not for you, fun is not for you and the good life is just NOT for you.  So go on and get out of Tactical Freesh forget about this awesome Flamethrower Giveaway and leave the badass shit to the rest of us!  Becasue the XM-42 is X Products most popular Flamethrower, and who in their right mind doesn’t want one of those!!

Who doesn’t need a flamethrower!

This Flamethrower is lite, easy to use, and loads of FUN!  Yes, FUN! You likely never thought you needed one until you shot one, much like with a Can Cannon Launcher from CanCannon.  The intimidating hiss of the pilot running, the mechanical whirr of the fuel pump, and the pure joy of the flame shooting 33′ feet, will forever change your life. Guaranteed to entertain the whole family, and neighborhood! 4th of July, brush burning, and birthday parties will never be the same!

The Flamethrower is legal in 48 States, sorry Maryland and California.

What makes this product great is it’s simple, compact, well made, and easy to operate. Simply charge the battery, fill the tank (with gas or gas diesel blend), turn on the igniter, turn on the power, push the trigger, and you’re ready for action. Run time is 23 seconds. If 23 seconds isn’t enough, you can add the optional back pack increasing run time to 4 minutes!

Check out these sweet uses for the Flamethrower:

  • Safely light fireworks
  • Devistate brush piles
  • Melt snow
  • Eradicate pests
  • Create a pyrotechnic show
  • Entertain the family

So yeah, I think we nailed it (burned it? / flamed it? / lit it up?) with this Giveaway.  And of course apologies to your wife and neighbors … sorry NOT sorry!