What the hell is that? And other stories from the ATRO-8 tactical rifle optic from Accufire

Alternative title would have been: Things you never knew you wanted to see, or things you wish you hadn’t seen (and other stories from a tactical rifle optic in the field)!
You want to know what’s hotter than two rats humping in a wool sock? The Accufire ATRO-8 tactical rifle optic. Speaking of humping, just the other day I was out in the pasture looking for coyotes and what did I see through my trusty ATRO-8 scope? I shit you not, a couple of those danged ol’ coyotes doing the deed, right there in broad daylight. Is it still called doggy when actual canines are involved? Anyways, I digress.
The Advanced Tactical Rifle Optic, or ATRO-8 as it is more commonly known, is a 1-8×30 tactical rifle optic with a CQB-Comp reticle etched on the first focal plane. That means that the ATRO-8 was built from the ground up for fast target acquisition and precision shooting. The ATRO-8 was designed for close to mid range targets, such as one might encounter in competition shooting or an urban combat environment. It is also the perfect tool for watching critters get freaky in nature… or so I am told.
Weighing in at just 1.2lbs, this lightweight optic packs a heavyweight punch. If you need a tactical optic to go on that sweet AR you just built, or your old lever gun needs an upgrade, look no further than the Accufire ATRO-8 tactical rifle optic. Its good sh*t.
Well, gotta run, I’m gonna bug the boss about getting a red dot optic to give away soon, so… stay tuned. The Tactical Freesh team needs something new to play with!  And so do the geeks at 2ACommerce – the dudes who built this website – I guess they are revolutionizing eCommerce, PoS, digital marketing, payment processing and data tools for the firearms industry … big whoop, we just give away Free Sh** .. and because it’s free it’s one less thing for your wife to bitch about! And that, my friend, is something to brag about.