Sylvan Arms AR Folding Stock Adapter – screw, fold and carry!!

Let’s face it…. not every man is sufficiently blessed to have found himself in a situation where it simply wouldn’t fit. For those of us who have, the buttstock was sticking way out of the bag. In an attempt to rectify these types of awkward moments, we’re inviting everyone to try out the Sylvan AR Folding stock adapter.

CNC-machined in the USA from 7075 Billet Aluminum making it uniquely lightweight and corrosion-resistant.  Can you say that much about your member? Wait … I hope not? Anyway, this guy weighs in at only 6.0 ounces, so at least that can make you feel better about yourself!  The Sylvan Arms folding stock adapter is quite possibly the most practical mod you can do at home to make your favorite AR a true Stow-and-go platform.  Now typically we’re not big fans of anything too practical here at Tactical Freesh** but we’re gonna let that one slide … or gun slide … get it … not really.

This nearly universal mod allows your long gun to fit in tight places … I’m gonna skip the pun on that one. This hardware will also please the ladies, no matter their birth assignment. With the push of a button, this little device will rotate and fold allowing you to fit the full buttstock in a tight bag. All your buddies at the range will be thrilled to watch you work this hardware before you bag it up!

So get screwing, folding and carrying – that’s your official advice from your Freesh** Team and the incredible developers of this website over at 2ACommerce – revolutionizing eCommerce, PoS, digital marketing, payment processing and data tools for the firearms industry.