The McLean Dynamic Retention Sling – It does whaaaaaat????

Well, well, well apparently not all AR slings are made the same!  This dynamic retention sling was designed by an Active Duty member of the SOF community and it really works!  It’s not a single point sling, it’s not a 2-point sling, it’s BOTH!  Essentially a single point sling with much needed retention system built into it. Now that’s some cool sh*t!


Apparently not all AR slings are made the same!


Imagine you are stalking a beautiful 8 point buck for hours with your rifle safely secured behind your back, you have no other cares in the world and no fatigue, you are SUPERMAN.  The moment comes and you simply swing the sling around, disconnect the clip .. and you’re ready to fire!  The patented quick release sling design allows you to transition from a retained position to engagement faster than any other sling on the market. I truthfully don’t know why you would ever use anything else, this is most definitely the only sling you’ll ever need … as long as you get one in each color of course!  I mean, how can you be expected to make a choice between Black, Coyote Brown, Ranger Green and MultiCam … especially if you’re color matching to your mission – from night maneuvers to desert ops, McLean Corp USA pattern assortment got you covered.

And let’s not forget about our active military operators, who enjoy unrestrained movement with this single point sling that has a built in retention system of a 2-point sling. We hear that it’s an indisputable choice for their gun sling. Sounds like we should probably quit bragging about it and let you see for yourself, hint hint … so keep an eye on our upcoming Freeshes!

And if you’re still not convinced about the versatility, durability and speed of this patented dynamic retention sling check out this video on something the kids like to call BoobTube.

And now for our tagline – we at Tactical Freesh and 2ACommerce (the incredible developers of this website who are revolutionizing eCommerce, PoS, digital marketing and data tools for the firearms industry) have done in depth, agonizing, up all night research and analysis to bring you this review – so basically we’ve been playing with this sh*t and loving it!