JM4 Tactical Coffee – what does your coffee say about you – yeah YOU!

Coffee is coffee, right?

Well, not really.  Imagine sitting in a blind on a crisp Michigan day at 4am and cracking open your thermos for that first sip.  What aroma do you get, how deep is the flavor and what are you supporting?  Did you pick up this particular brew at Starbucks?  I doubt it.  What you brew and enjoy at home says a lot about who you are and about what it means to be an American.

So what does your coffee say about you? Take a sip of something that matters:  Freedom – Patriotism – Choice.  Our whole staff at Tactical Freesh and 2ACommerce (the incredible developers of this website who are revolutionizing eCommerce, PoS, digital marketing and data tools for the firearms industry) has been enjoying the JM4 Tactical coffee and it has passed the test!  They start out with beans that are locally roasted to ensure that the highest amount of caffeine remains in the coffee to give you the solid kick in the pants you need to get started each morning. Then they put an extra-fine grind on their beans to unlock the deep, aromatic hints you’d expect from the finest coffee you’d find in any cafe  around the world. Each coffee is processed and flavored locally so you can taste a hint of Texas in each cup and rest assured that our coffee is made in the USA.

With flavors like Texas Sweet Roll and Texas Pecan Pie you will never have a dull morning.  And if you need to put your caffeine habit on autopilot you can simply pick a subscription that fits your needs and your coffee fix will arrive promptly at your door.  JM4 Tactical offers the Lone Ranger, The Duel, The Regiment and The Cavalry for those Freeshers who are really not f*cking around!

Not to mention that JM4 has the most versatile and reliable (and patented!) Magnet Retention Holster on the market (check out how it works), but that’s a story for another day … and another Freesh .. hint hint.  So sip your coffee and keep a eye on some upcoming Freeshes!

** This review has been posted by our staff after countless hours of research and analysis (this coffee is coursing through my veins) – so trust us, we know our sh*t!