The Badass Tekto Tactical Knife Cutting out the Competition

Slice, Slice, Baby! If you’re looking for a tactical knife we’ve got a guy – Tekto knives! Tekto tactical knives are more than just reliable, highly rated tools. Their feature-stacked designs are made with PURPOSE, for your most demanding missions. Lead your adventures with confidence and get yourself a Tekto tactical knife.

In 2016 several of the early Tekto partners returned from an outdoor excursion in the backwoods of Maine with frustration and disappointment. Even some of the most reputable names in the knife space had failed in the harsh northeastern environment. The cold and brutal conditions left their knives chipped, dull, and unreliable.

The ordeal inspired them to spawn a research and development project that eventually led to the creation of Tekto. And they now focus on out-the-front automatic knives that have won accord with even the most demanding users whose lives depend on the quality of their knives. You’re welcome!

Today, Tekto challenges the industry with a straightforward proposition:


So, trust us, this is serious business, a tactical knife from Tekto will not let you down!  We personally got a chance to test out the A5 Spry Series, Tekto’s most tactical knife AND the F1 Alpha Series, the ULTIMATE knife for those that demand nothing less than reliability. These two knives that will blow your mind.

Here ie everything you’d wanna to know about the A5 tactical knife

The A5 Spry is armed with a precision-contoured handle and a high-end S35VN steel blade, it’s a blade of raw power and unmatched performance. Stealthy, compact, and lightweight, it boasts a lightning-fast automatic blade, iron-grip texture, and a contoured push button for instant action.

Made from high-end S35VN steel, the blade of the A5 Spry provides unmatched toughness and superior edge retention. Its versatility is further enhanced by the availability of multiple tactical blade options. Armed with a precision-contoured 6061-T6 aluminum handle and a ruggedly textured grip, it’s lightweight design guarantees unmatched handling, ironclad control, and relentless comfort in the heat of any situation. Equipped with a newly designed contoured push button, this advanced feature guarantees immediate, seamless blade deployment, setting a new standard in tactical superiority.

Is the F1 Alpha tactical knife more your JAB?

The F1 Alpha is the ultimate tactical knife for military personnel, first responders, and anyone who demands unwavering reliability in the most challenging environments. The knife is built to withstand the toughest tasks and to take on any obstacle. Its 3.1” titanium-coated D2 steel blade boasts a fine edge and full flat grind, allowing for quick and precise cuts. With an easy-to-carry design and fast opening, the F1 Alpha is the trusted choice for those who demand the best.

The F1 knife is equipped with an ergonomic handle made of G10 and Carbon Fiber, providing unparalleled strength, superior grip, and exceptional comfort. Crafted from high-quality D2 steel and finished with a titanium coating, the F1 Alpha’s modified straight-back blade offers unparalleled hardness, superior wear resistance, and razor-sharp precision. Employing cutting-edge ceramic ball bearing technology, the Alpha boasts a swift and seamless blade deployment mechanism, allowing for rapid and effortless use.

So sharpen up people and get your mind right on your next mission!! With a Tekto tactical knife, you won’t have a worry in the world thanks to the world class design and durability.  And here at Tactical Freesh we want nothing but the best for you bada** MF’s, you already know what!  Whether we’re rocking amazing deals or giving away shit for free we’ve got your back.