A Freaking Cool Air Gun Competition? Yes please!

We love to review amazing products at Tactical Freesh, giveaway great shit and dig up amazing gun deals.  But a review for an air gun competition?  Why the hell not!

Enter the Ancient City Air Gun Competition

What could be better?  An amazing little gem called Saint Augustine; a brand new private gun range tucked away on a private property only 10 minutes from down town, a pig roast, some brewskies and of course air guns!!  This Ancient City Airgun Challenge event is gonna have it all.  It’s the Air Gun Competition that you’ve been waiting for!  The event is being held on Saturday May 25th, 2024 so you can pretty much bet the Northern FL weather is gonna be perfect, and if you’ve got the balls to register you can go here.  Otherwise just come on by and spectate.

This air gun competition is gonna be a fast-shooting high energy timed format designed to challenge the most competent shooter. The Ultra Fast format is an official shooting standard developed by Ultra-Match Precision Airgun Association. Shooters will shoot in 4 separate stages with 7 targets in each stage. All stages are timed and are intended to replicate a fast-hunting scenario. Shooters will engage from various shooting positions (see official rules) at each of the stages. A total of 10 rounds are allowed for each stage with a maximum score of 100 available points per stage.

Ancient City Air Gun Competition Schedule

7:30am – registration and sight-in opens

8:30am – mandatory safety meeting

9am – competition starts for the first round of 4 lanes

11:30am – lunch

12:30am – competition continues for second round of the 4 lanes

3pm – competition concludes

4pm – cocktail hour begins

5pm – hog roast dinner, raffle and awards begin

8:30pm – schedule concludes

Ancient City Air Gun Competition Rules

  • All stages are timed with 2 minutes to complete. (Match Director’s choice – time increase is allowed with a maximum of 5 minutes per stage).
  • Maximum allowed on the firing line is 10 rounds per stage. If you have a magazine greater than 10 rounds only 10 rounds may be loaded.
  • Number of targets and shots per target are determined by the match director and must equal 100 points per stage.
  • Magazine changes are allowed for smaller magazine sizes, but the maximum 10 round rule still applies regardless of your magazine count.
  • Target engagement will include the use of shooting sticks.
  • Magazines are inserted on RSO’s instructions prior to timer commencement.
  • Inserting your magazine prior to approaching the firing line or the RSO’s direction are grounds for disqualification from the event.
  • Bipod or Monopod allowed. (i.e. Primos shooting sticks monopod or bipod).
  • Tripods in any position, sitting or standing, with attached guns are not allowed, except for Junior Division.
  • Gun cannot be attached in any way to the stick.
    No coaching is allowed except for safety instruction in the Junior Division.
  • Coaches can prompt junior division shooters when approaching the line. Once the shooter is on the line they are to follow the direction of the RSO and the coach must return to the observation position.
  • 1 stage will be standing position with sticks.
  • 3 stages the shooter will use either a 5-gallon bucket or stool (Shooters Choice).
  • Each target will be scored as 10 points.
  • Total score of 100 points available per stage.
  • There will be a total score potential of 800 points for the match.
    Ultra-Match official rules state that a match director can add more than 4 stages, but the total course of fire must total 800 total points and there must be a minimum of 4 distinct stages.
  • Total of 7 targets per lane.
  • 4 targets set as KYL on a stand.
  • 3 gongs split at multiple distances or set together with the same distance and aligned.
(Match Directors choice)
  • 4 required hits on the 4 KYL targets must be accomplished consecutively before moving on to the gongs. (One shot on each of the 4 KYL targets). Must be shot in order. Left to right.
  • If Gongs are set at the same range, target engagement must go from Large to medium to small.
  • If Gongs are set at different ranges, target engagement must go from small to medium to large.

So, what are you waiting for?  Come on over and join some like-minded people for an afternoon of pure airgunning joy and an evening of fun.  And let’s definitely thank our amazing sponsors, I mean, who else do you think pays this this shit!? Love you guys – 2A Commerce, Forge Relations, Utah Airguns, AirForce Airguns, RAW, Accu-Tac, Element Optics, Gun Owners of America, AGM Global Vision, Sylvan Arms, EnviroLog, PatchOPS, DonnyFL, American Airgunner, Firebird, McLean Corp, Tekto Knives and PayAnywhere.