Airforce Airguns Giveaway!

Brought to you exclusively by our Partners at Airforce Airguns

Ended April 30, 2024

Win an Airforce Airgun!

Hey you, we knew you needed an airgun before you knew you needed an airgun!! Airforceairguns is about to become your very best friend, and here’s why.

Well, other than airguns being extremely freaking cool, they are quiet, light, and the ammo is affordable AF. Plus, this Texan is capable of taking any large game animal in North America. This Big Bore is extra quiet thanks to the carbine length barrel and an enlarged and redesigned Sound-Loc® system. So really instead of asking why, you should be asking what took me so long!!


The Airforce Airgun Giveaway Includes:

Airforce Airgun Texanss CF Series

Airforce Airgun 4×32 Scope

BKL Long Dovetail rings


TOTAL VALUE: $1,497.55