Women Warrior Grab Bag Giveaway!

Women Warriors have reached 1,000,000 subscribers on Youtube!! 

Buckle Up, Guys and Gals - it's Christmas Come Early.

This giveaway is the culmination of all your hopes, dreams, and fantasies distilled into an action-packed mystery bag stuffed with tactical freesh hand-picked by the Women Warriors. Our terrible intern has been running around the country collecting mystery items for the swag bag. Could we have had the Women Warriors mail their items instead of sending the intern to retrieve them personally? Probably, but he’s a fat millennial piece of sh** and needs the exercise. 

It’s a mystery bag in the truest sense – seriously, no one knows what’s in it. Not even our CEO knows what’s in the bag, but that’s not really surprising because he’s a f***ing moron. So it could be some branded gear, or tactical accessories, a private lesson at the range with one of the ladies, or maybe it’s their number…but probably not.

Sign up now, jabronis!


Disclaimer: The Woman Warriors are not responsible for any offense, marital disputes, or triggering caused by this giveaway. 

The Women Warriors.




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