Enter to win a Streamlight Waypoint 3000.

Light. It. Up.

Get ready to f*ing own the next game of flashlight tag with this tactical freesh: the Streamlight Waypoint 300. This is the apex of all tactical flashlights. This motherf**ker produces 1,000 lumens while being portable, relatively light, and having a long run-time.

It can be used for various uses like search and rescue, law enforcement, making badass shadow puppets, telling spooky ghost stories, annoying the sh** out of your neighbors, blinding your kids, or finding sh** you dropped on the lawn at night while you were wasted. It even floats and can be dropped in the water for easy retrieval if you’re the kind of dumbass who brings a flashlight out on the water.

Go into the light, bitch. Sign up for a chance at this flashy freesh.

– Tactical Freesh




$214 Value


The lightweight, rechargeable Streamlight Waypoint 300 shines bright, producing 1,000 lumens with a far-reaching 1,039m beam! Its portability and long run-time make it perfect for a variety of applications, including search and rescue, law enforcement, and outdoor recreation. It will even float if dropped into the water for easy retrieval..

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