Can Cannon Ultimate Case Bundle Giveaway!

Win a Can Cannon Bundle valued at $999

EndED 8/15/2023 – WInner has been chosed and contacted

Attention, attention please – now this is REALLY cool!

Stroll in like a rock star with this  Ultimate Can Cannon Guitar Case brought to you by Can Cannon.  


You basically get it all: the Can Cannon LauncherX-Fore Tubegrappling hookballscupsfishing spearrocket and blanks. It’s like there’s nothing this Can Cannon Can’t Do!


When fired at an optimum angle (approximately 45 degrees) a soda can reach an average distance of 105 yards! So get a load of that and (literally) have a blast at your next BBQ!  It’s impossible NOT to impress your buddies with this one.


Value: $999

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