Armageddon Gear – The OG of shooting bags

Looking for a shooting bag? Enter the OG, the Big Daddy, the Head Honcho of shooting gear – Armageddon!!  So buckle up, because we’re diving into the wild world of shooting bags with a touch of history and a dash of fun! Imagine you’re a time traveler, zapping back to the dawn of shooting bag greatness. We’re talking about the era when Armageddon Gear first burst onto the scene.

Enter Armageddon Gear shooting bag.

Picture it: prehistoric times for shooting enthusiasts. People are out there on the range, trying to steady their aim, but they’re struggling. They need support, stability, and a little bit of magic to get those perfect shots. Enter Armageddon Gear – the Original Gangster (OG) of shooting rest bags. Way back when, before “tactical” was even a buzzword, Armageddon Gear showed up with these funky, versatile bags that were like the Swiss Army knives of the shooting world. They were filled with mysterious stuff that felt like a cross between unicorn feathers and marshmallow dreams – the secret recipe for precision shooting, I’m sure.

Now, these bags weren’t just your ordinary shooting bags.

Oh no, they were the cool kids on the range. People were amazed at how these bags transformed the shooting game. It was like someone whispered a secret to Armageddon Gear about how to make the best shooting bag, and they decided to share it with the world. Picture a shooter setting up for a shot, and they whip out their Armageddon Gear support bag. They plunk it down, mold it, shape it, and voilà – it’s like they’ve summoned the shooting gods for unparalleled stability. You’ve got bags of all shapes and sizes, like the wizards in a fantasy tale, each with its own unique power to steady your aim and turn you into a sharpshooting hero.  From the Python to the Numero Uno they’ve got what you need.

Armageddon does not F*CK AROUND.

Armageddon Gear is the result of the collective ideas of former and current Special Operations Soldiers, competition shooters and Patriots. Simply stated Armageddon Gear does not F*CK around, years of practical experience has led them to design products that are simple, efficient and extremely rugged. So there you have it. Armageddon Gear means ‘Merica!  And that’s something they have in common with your favorite folks at Tactical Freesh!  They believe in American manufacturing, American materials and American workmanship of the highest quality (with a lifetime warranty to prove it). And of course we believe that there is nothing better than great sh*t being FREE SH** .. so keep an eye out for the Armageddon shooting bag giveaway coming your way and Rock on America!

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